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Welcome to my new blog! Starters for the first hundred followers, promise. Please tell me if you have replied to something from my archived blog.

I’ll be back by late noon. Book fest with friends.



  “While I should be asking about a million questions, let’s get down to the big important one. How many times have you used it to heat your food faster?”

          “I already said I don’t do that! Okay, maybe on instant noodles, but I can’t exactly lit my stove on fire now, can I?” 

; reply to snapchat.


[ text ]: You are so mean

[ text ]: But those skirts are so itchy :I

[Text: Ostara] Just wear tight pants underneath. Duh.



{} “— What is… um… strawberry ice cream?



    “A, ah, combination, I suppose.

          Who better to take care of the school’s garden than someone who can control plants, right?”

            “Well, not everyone can embrace
              their powers so readily as you,
             let alone put them go immediate
        good use. I’m impressed and envious.”



Are you seriously trying to tell me you’ve never used your skills to cook with? I smell a damn lie. Wait, go back— fire what?”

             ”Firebending. I shoot cute little flames from my fingertips.”



     ”I have fire in my veins. Not blood.”

        “Not that that’s not amazing, but I really
        don’t want to be bending a queen’s arm.
                It sounds really disrespectful.”

   And hilarious.



     ”Oh nah, I’m fine totally fine. Thanks for offering though.”“

           After her polite refusal, he only shrugged,
           and went ahead to light his own cigarette
                            with a single thumb.

                “So what are you doing hiding in the alleys?”


That was Magneto’s newest addition
to his Acolytes, wasn’t it?  The guy
with the same powers as Pyro…And
he was asking how it was going like
no big deal?  What in the world—?


       —-Better now that you’re not out

there causing trouble for us…”

            “Nah, even villains need their rest.
             Can’t I socialize once in a while?”

     He was honestly bored, so to speak,
      and there was nothing for him to do
     at the moment. And why let a chance
            slip when a lady is around?

+ genikos

             ”You need to lower your volume.”


{❀} —Asami sighed, more embarrassed than anything. “I bet I know the cause.” she mumbled.

"Well, I’m no expert on.. Anything about spirits really, but I think it has to do with the harmonic convergence. Korra let out a lot of spiritual energy fighting Vaatu."

          “From the citizens’ perspective, it doesn’t seem to bode as good news, either.” He shrugged, only seeming nonchalant because he was thankful the Fire Nation did not have to deal with this. Although the yet would have to be considered.

          “I suppose I’ll have to investigate that explosions’ cause now.” He soon mused, starting to push himself away from the wall where he once leaned against. Then he looked to the woman, nodding his head in the intended direction. “You coming?”

; reply to snapchat.


[ text ]: How about no

[ text ]: If I’m as ugly as you say I am, then I don’t think the patrons would appreciate seeing me in a coconut bra

[Text: Ostara] Laughing stock. Everybody loves comedy.
[Text: Ostara] I'll also buy that grass skirt!
[Text: Ostara] Nothing's better than the complete set!