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The venom of the Red Lotus isn’t the mercury that they put into Korra, it’s the notion that the world no longer needs her.
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here’s some open starters for the people i havent interacted with much out there!! 

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   For some reason, through all the shaking and tumbling, the only words she could muster for a few moments were, “That’s a double negative.” Perhaps clinging to what she knew was easier than venturing into the realm of what she didn’t know, the realm of her own arguments against his. There was a sad, almost nauseating truth burrowing beneath everything.

   She knew he was right.

   The thaw had proven him. If she calmed down, her powers would not be as disastrous.

   The knowledge did nothing to ease her nerves.

   “I know,” she replied, her voice a scrape of a whisper. “I’m scared of you. So if you want to do anything, if… you want to help…. get. Out.”

             That was a difficult decision right there. Kertos did not like leaving dangerous things to progress out of his sight, he didn’t have that gall to trust that much. As much as it irritated him to have to leave in order to progress, the ice that kept creeping up his shoes tells him that he needed to take the chance otherwise. 


             ”Do you promise to take my word, and calm yourself after I leave?”

             Each of his syllable was grounded in seriousness, his hands finally relaxing as they brought themselves back to his form. The only thing that remained set were his eyes, its intensity only made to match that of the room’s atmosphere. 



"I’m not saying you two won’t be happy- but you aren’t immortal. The time will come when your life will end, that is simply the truth of the matter." A soft sigh as she looked at the man. "My best advice is to enjoy the years you have with one another- be happy now, so that whomever it is you’re so in love with will have many, many fond memories to look back on… after.”

          “—To be honest, I have been considering breaking things up with her as of late, to avoid the suffering you had mentioned and I had once thought of. But it’s just as painful for me when what I feel is there, right in front of me.” He sighed as well, though it was also partially of relief. He really needed to sort this out, and he really needed some help. “I have not been receiving encouraging comments on my relationship, either, but… I suppose it is fortunate, that I have the need to prove people that they are wrong.”



"It’s… difficult to say. There are many things that are never able to become reality with such a relationship- a normal life, marriage, a family… these things are all lost. And for the spirit, the years will pass so quickly and when their love dies, as all humans do…. That fresh pain can be very hard for some to bear."

         ”But surely if I tried, I’d attempt something good enough! I’m not one to be so simply with promises, but… but…” 



"Because I fear it will bring him pain… and because he has moved on now, found a new love, as I hoped he would. To see him again would mean bringing back painful memories and I wish to spare him that."

         ”Alright…moon spirit, what if- what if the relationship is still maintained between mortal and spirit? What outcome do you see of that?”


"That just shows how little you know. Such a creature would likely neither be able to nor want to talk to the likes of you. I’ll have you know my information is very reliable. Just because I’m a pathological liar, doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I’m talking about.” He reprimanded, pausing a moment before flashing yet another wicked grin.

"Of course I was kidding. There’s nothing pathological about it. Spirits don’t have such weaknesses. Of course, since it seems you’ve heard of my friend Koh after all, I guess you’re not as naive as you seem. At least you’re not totally in the dark." He jumped up from his sitting place. Fun as this was, he was quickly losing interest.

"Say, human. What is your name? It’s basic manners to introduce oneself upon a meeting and yet, you have yet to abide by such social laws. I’ll swap you, if you tell me."

           The soldier gave a sarcastic raise of his eyebrow. “Spirits follow social laws? Well, I’ll be damned. Is there anything interesting within those rules, by the way? ‘Shake them by the dominant limb, and don’t mistake their tentacles for their hands’.” Of course, he was just teasing, though the words were still somehow biting.

           ”Hold on,” Kertos suddenly had a thought. He rudely pointed a finger at the other again, “Do you spirits actually name yourselves? Or did some elder spirit name you instead, like Koh?” 



"…Yes. Every time I realize that I’ve forgotten a little more of him, it rips at my soul. That is how it feels whenever I forget more of my human life."

           ”…I’m sorry about that.

                   ”—why don’t you visit him? Your first love?”



"I believe that a part of me will always remember him- even if he fades from the rest of my memory, my heart will remember. It’s impossible to forget someone who made you feel so… alive.”

         ”That’s… amazing. But doesn’t it hurt when memories start to fade?” 



"…I believe a part of me will always miss and love him. He was my first and my last love- there never was nor ever will be another, for me."

          “Would you truly believe you’d never forget him? Do you?” 



"Yes, it is. When I was mortal myself."

             ”—what’s it like? Do you miss him now?”

+ lunamatrem

         ”Is it true that you were in love
       with a- a mortal, before your role
                  as the moon spirit?”