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⊱ Independent ATLA OC

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☯   Rick Yune faceclaim.
☯   Tagged triggers and mature content.
☯   Please read gυιdєℓιηєѕ before proceeding.



8 | Our muses are destined to be siblings, regardless of blood, name or situation. Their hearts will pull them into being family.

Brothers by blood, they were not; neither he was a relative or some distant one. Yet, a familial word was associated with him: a brother. For him to trust someone was unlikely—friendship was freely given but never his trust. Wary he had always been with others due to a past he’d rather not reminisce. He was unfamiliar, too, of having a brother for he was but the only son. So, how such a bond had formed between them? Perhaps, it was time that allowed the young man to address the other as such. Time, Lau reckoned was indeed a playful one. 


'Yo, big bro~!' greeted Lau as he saw Kertos, waving his hand rather lazily. 'I've brought us some char siew.' Bemused he, lifting up the plastic bag he was holding.

             The veteran looked to the other as he called, seating himself upright again on the tatami from his lazed reading. Char siew, huh? It was a safe bet buying those, everyone who’s anyone (that is not vegetarian) loves char siew. 

              “Nice to know you still remember I’m still stuck staying over in your place,” he mused, now pulling himself to his feet so he could help set up the table, even if it was just the two of them at the kitchen island eating straight from the paper boxes. “How’s your day so far?”

It’s mid September, why is my country still wrapped up in hAZE. I KNOW ENOUGH GEOGRAPHY TO KNOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE GONE LAST MONTH.

clinicalphobia ;  
Munday questions are for the mun, but must be answered by the muse!
: clinicalphobia
✙: Tell me a favorite memory from your childhood. 


           ”The first time she rode a pony, not a horse, a pony, she wore this pink scarf and a woolen jacket with strawberries on it. The scarf was really unnecessary but I guess she just wanted to feel like a princess. You’d think she rode it alone, but turned out her mom had to accompany her on the pony. It was the shittiest ride ever compared to the time she was able to ride a horse in New Zealand and gallop across half the fields, and it’s classically black. Lucky girl.” 

; munday questions


the questions are for the mun, but must be answered by the muse!

❥  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

♧  Where do you see yourself a year from now?

☯  If you had a crystal ball, what is one thing you would ask it?

✙  Tell me a favorite memory from your childhood.

☂  What does your bedroom look like? Describe it.

Ψ  An old photo of you (or with you in it) and what was happening in it.

♨  What is your take on one current event? You can pick.

ㄨ  Describe your relationship with one of your family members.


open; horoscopes!



          ❝ Year of the dragon. And he’s
              right on the dot with all the
              traits. Well, most of them. ❞

          “You can’t really expect
           everyone from the year
           of the dragon to act like
                  your brother!”

[ x ]


          She looked down - away - wondering why she
          had bothered to bring it up.  Hearing whispers
          when no one was around was not a normal
          thing.  She ought to have kept quiet, endured
          their criticisms in stoic silence like she’d been

She could feel her stomach churn - twisting - at
just the thought of telling him.  Incredibly, it was
as though if she gave voice to what she was 
hearing that she was making her problem real.
Validate the fact that there was something very
wrong with her.  At that thought, the words died
in her throat, even after his encouragement.

      It didn’t make any sense but Wanda could feel
      herself clamp up all the same. Clenching her fists,
      she became acutely aware of her racing heart  
      and took a few steps back, spooked like a horse
      that entered a garden full of snakes.

                   There were too many people around, too many
                    people who could easily see her crumbling and
                    struggling.  Even if they were far away paying
                    her no mind it felt like she was in a staged
                    play.  Everyone was acting out their parts but
                    were ready to turn and gawk the instant she
                    slipped and made one wrong move.  The hushed
                    conversations were right like always—she could
                    not be weak. Not now, not with so much riding

                    on her.


            “I-I’m sorry…I need to leave.”

With a muttered excuse of having forgotten 
something, she turned, quickening her pace
back to the palace, rigid, determined to look
fine until she could reach the safety of her 
secluded study and stay there until the 

dizzying nausea left…

                     He watches every of her movement
                    carefully, wary. His pose shifted from
                  being simply lax to standing erectly, stiff
                   as he watches the corners of her eyes
                     swim with huge waves of emotions.

                                 ” —— ma’am?”

                       He realized he really didn’t know
                    what to call her in this circumstance,
                    and resorted to formalities he used
                                   back in the military.

                But as she announced that she needed
                 to depart, he finally let his frown bloom
                on his brows, feet quick to follow her as
                he unconsciously settles himself into a
              military march, a way to cope with his own
                              feelings of uneasiness.

                        “Are you okay? Are you really okay?”

                           He asked, his words stressed,
                      his eyes imploring her to look at him.


[ text: little shit ]; s’MORES
[ text: little shit ]; and if that’s not there then just get cinnamon

[Text: Purple] Have you actually eaten cinnamon
                        powder? Like those cinnamon challenges. 
[Text: Purple] Just curious. 



◖風◗ ↠ "I can’t believe you don’t like candy though!
                      I mean everyone has to like some 
                                type of candy, right?”

              “The ‘candy’ I like isn’t even candy.
                Try not to eat too much of it, kid.”

open; horoscopes!



                ❝ Wha –– they are too accurate
                    I know plenty of people who  
                    fit their astrological traits. Like
                    my brother, for example. ❞

                “Is he born under the year of ox?”



» ✟ « ———

       “ Nope. Never had problems unzipping them.

                  Her gaze follows his hands briefly ( she is
                  by far not the most subtle person unless the
                  situation deems it necessary ) before she
                  raises her brows in amusement, looks up
                  yet again.


     “ I’m a weird girl. I can use weird ways to
     restart a conversation. It’s what you could
     expect me to do. I sure could also have made
     you a compliment out of nowhere, but I’m not
     giving compliments unless my counterpart buys
     me jewellery.

                 Kertos definitely noticed the
                  not-so-subtle gesture, but
                 decided not to call out on it.
                  One, nothing to prove she
                  was watching. Two, this is

                   ”So hold on. Any sort of jewelry?”

                  If that was the case, he could just
                  buy one of those fairy trinkets from
                   the thrift shop and scatter it upon
                                      her crown.

                       Granted, he’ll get punched. 


                  “Say that again.”

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